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Religous Incantation of the Mexicans for when someone isn’t checking themselves, and thus, is wrecking themselves (via chanclazo)

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my white protesters please remember that you’re rarely at the same risk we are when you stand up for what is right

“This May Not Be Our Country, But It Has Always Been Our Land”
Protest sign seen Wednesday in San Diego at a demonstration in solidarity with child migrants and their families. In the spirit of Yolanda López, Gloria Anzaldúa, and many more, its truth is powerful and undeniable.
“We want to be the voice of all these children. With their situation, their rights are violated by the government. We ask that they be treated with dignity and respect, to be provided with legal assistance in order to be legally represented,” reads a statement posted by one of the demonstration’s organizers.
Thanks to Kim Moore for sharing her photo with us.